WoolY Nerd – Alarm Clock ( Work In Progress )

WoolY Nerd – Alarm Clock ( Work In Progress )

A little taster on what i am working on. This track is yet to be Mixed and Mastered.


Just a thought.

Confused is the world i see before me. Confused with choice.

In my own little world at least. I suffer much confusion. I read. ALOT. And read into things. ALOT. I go deeeeep. With anything i show a slight bit of interest in. Over this passed year, i have come to learn a lot. A lot about myself, my family and friends, the world, the universe, religion, spirituality, nature, science, history, philosophy and many more worldly topics. Only too come to a point of brain fart!!

I just think its hard these days when we are provided with unlimited amounts of information. Hard to distinguish what we should digest or spit out. This is where i reach my point. In this day and age, its really really hard to think for your self. So many are conditioned to taking orders.

I stress that people, you should really start thinking for yourselves. Be the black sheep of the cattle. You will not be dissapointed.

Random rant over.

Wooly Nerd.